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One thing we learned very early on in our business, is that for clients in large cities who are in a competitive legal area of practice (and let’s face it, there are very few that aren’t competitive), it’s very difficult to get 1st page rankings. You need to do everything correctly from building the correct link profile, to the proper on page optimization and a steady flow of high quality content and even then there’s no guarantee of a desired result.

And there’s nothing more frustrating for us or our clients when results are elusive, particularly when a campaign is just getting started.

Because of this, we made the decision when we started our business to never work with competing attorneys.

You see, when we did our personal injury lawyer analysis across the top US markets (which we have written about quite a few times), one thing that became evident was despite the fact that all the “big” legal seo companies worked with multiple clients in almost every city in the 19 markets we observed, not a single SEO provider had 2 clients in the top 10. Let that sink in. NOT A SINGLE MARKETING COMPANY COULD GET 2 DIFFERENT CLIENTS 1ST PAGE GOOGLE RESULTS IN THE SAME CITY.

Why does that matter?

Because if you’re say, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or even 6th worst performing Personal Injury client for Findlaw in Los Angeles, you have next to no shot of being on page 1 for your biggest term if you’re solely relying on Findlaw to get you there. Which means your ability to get cases is going to be severely handicapped by your choice of SEO vendors.

Does this mean it’s impossible for Findlaw, Scorpion or Justia to get two clients to page 1 of Google for “Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer” or any other competitive term? No, it’s certainly not impossible. But after scouring over 800 personal injury web sites in 19 cities, we can confidently say it’s HIGHLY unlikely.

But what if you’re working with one of those guys and you’re currently getting fantastic results you ask? Being completely honest, I probably wouldn’t make a change. I’m a big believer that if any partner/vendor is getting me good results, I don’t tinker. I would leave well enough alone until I had a reason to be concerned.

If you’re one of the unlucky attorneys who’s stuck in an SEO quagmire of sorts with one of those guys and they also happen to working a competitor who’s ahead of you, I would jump ship immediately.

You see when one of our clients campaigns is struggling, we will do a lot of things beyond our typical process to accelerate results. Things like spend more time building links or doing link outreach, writing more content, marketing content more aggressively. All of these items require a tremendous amount of time, emotional energy and focus and the result is we usually gain a competitive advantage (most of the time through a link) for our clients in this process. But that competitive advantage is wiped out if we share that link among two clients in the same area. For us not only is
that unacceptable, but that’s also unethical.

Put simply, there’s no way we (or any legal SEO firm) can possibly deliver A++ service to competing attorneys. While our competition doesn’t agree with this sentiment, it’s one of the few policies we have that’s non negotiable.

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